Salmon Lessons: Indigenous knowledge in the news

Mark Trahant, Editor, Indian Country Today, and Beth Piatote, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley, discuss traditional knowledge in a Western world, the role of media in making Indian Country visible, and if it's possible to explain another way to look at the world in a climate crisis.

Original broadcast date: October 21, 2021

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VOICE: Online conversations with Black and Indigenous writers

Many American newsrooms, powerful gatekeepers of information, do not reflect the diverse communities of our country. What to report and how to report it has been decided by mostly white reporters and editors for their target white audiences, essentially rendering communities of color invisible. What does it take to be seen and heard as a person of color in American media and literature? These award-winning authors and journalists talk about how to tell the truth in a system dominated by the status quo and how that structure can and must change, one word at a time.

Part I: September 30, 2020 with Walter Middlebrook, Lolis Eric Elie and Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., PhD
Part II: October 14, 2020 with Kevin Abourezk and Mary Annette Pember
Part III: October 21, 2020 with Megan Tusler and Julian Brave NoiseCat

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