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2020 has been a tough year—COVID, an unrelenting national election and a fragile economy. For Underscore, it has brought into sharp relief the importance of reporting with a justice lens, amplifying the voices of those who are often underserved by mainstream media.

With so much at stake, the importance of local, informative and trustworthy news cannot be understated. 

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Underscore 2020 Highlights

“Traditional media have always had blindspots in their coverage. Nonprofit journalism shops offer a solution. Not only can we fund reporting to fill the gaps left as traditional outlets contract, we can drive coverage and force other news organizations to pay attention to communities they've long ignored." – Jason Buch, Managing Editor
Warm Springs reservation sign: Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe.
Reported on the impact of COVID in Oregon's Indian Country
Examined police violence in Portland and looked at antidotes to the rise of white supremacy
Partnered with ProPublica to publish an investigative long-form expose, distributed nationally
Hosted an online conversation series between Black and Indigenous authors
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