Underscore supports investigative reporting in Oregon and beyond. We encourage and aim to produce impactful, revelatory stories that might otherwise go unreported and unheard, with a special focus on Indian Country and other marginalized coverage areas. We are funded by grants and donations from organizations and individuals who believe in the importance of independent journalism.

Mission Statement

Underscore produces collaborative journalism framed by justice to promote civic engagement and a fair-minded society.

Brief History of Underscore

Until 2018, the Underscore reporting team was part of the 10-year-old, Seattle-based InvestigateWest, a regional nonprofit reporting team. When InvestigateWest narrowed its management focus to the Seattle-metropolitan area, Underscore chose to keep its operation base in Oregon and incorporated as a separate entity in January 2019. We continue the award-winning work that we produced as part of InvestigateWest, maintaining its network of reporters, photographers, and partnerships. 

As part of the departure from InvestigateWest, Underscore retained our Indian Country reporting focus, which had been reported by the Oregon team. This application includes information about Underscore’s track record as an investigative reporting team and work that was conducted under parent organization InvestigateWest. As a mission-driven, independent news organization, we strengthen communities, engage citizens in civic life, and can help to effect policy agendas in Oregon and beyond through powerful, independent investigative and explanatory journalism.