New philanthropy fund invests in Underscore's local journalism

Underscore has some great news to share!

We are one of eleven nonprofit news teams in the U.S. to receive funding from the American Journalism Project (AJP), a new $46 million venture philanthropy fund committed to strengthening local, nonprofit journalism in the U.S.

These are the first-ever awards made by AJP. The Underscore team—Board, staff, reporters, advisors—is thrilled!

This two-year, $178,000 grant is an investment by AJP to strengthen Underscore’s business model. The funding will support operations—the cost of doing business—so we can deliver on our mission: To produce collaborative journalism framed by social justice.

Operating funds are difficult to come by for many nonprofits. But they are the fuel that keeps the engine running—from toner in the copy machine to media liability insurance. With the stability of operating funding, Underscore will have more leverage to raise funds and build our organization.  As part of this grant, AJP will act as our partners to help us with fundraising and strategy.

We are proud that our journalism goals—to produce in-depth reporting and coverage of Indian Country—have been recognized and are supported by a national organization of this stature.

And we are so proud that you, our donors and supporters, have had faith in us and helped get this far. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Now, let’s get to work!

Jackleen de La Harpe, Executive Director

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